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For centuries dogs have been used by humans for many different purposes including varieties of work such as guarding, herding, hunting, searching and trekking, as well as by the armed forces and obviously more recently in assistance. In each of these areas dogs have to be carefully and specifically trained.

One area that dog training is equally important though is in our homes, in fact the training of our pet dogs is critical. It is imperative that our pet dogs are reliable in their behaviour, trust worthy with all people and sufficiently obedience that they do not cause accidents or become hazards in our society. It is the responsibility of each and every dog owner to manage their dog in this way, and that management is significantly easier when a dog is both well trained and well socialised.

In addition, ELISTA Education believes that dog training should not just be the minimum essential training, but also the fun, bond-enhancing training that comes about through positive reinforcement and ethical dog friendly methods.

ELISTA Education offers courses in Canine Training and Instructing as a progression from the Canine Behaviour & Training course as it feels strongly that humans have a responsibility to train their dogs, as well as being able to gain so much from both owning and training them. A well behaved dog is proven to reduce stress, blood pressure and many other physiological conditions as well as preventing allergies, heart attacks and similar. Well cared for pet dogs make us exercise, whilst training builds confidence and self esteem. Training classes/clubs allow for social activities where everyone has a commonness-a four legged, tail wagging friend!

Through the Canine Training & Instructing Course ELISTA Education aims to create knowledgeable, skilled and qualified individuals that will be able to aid and assist dog owners in the training of their pet dogs through use of positive methods. Such instruction will allow more and more people in society to have their own lives enhanced in their own homes by their own pet dog!