ELISTA Education - Education & Training in Animal Assistance & Therapy

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Mission Statement:

It is the mission of ELISTA Education to provide education and training opportunities in Animal Assistance and Therapy. This is currently an under developed sector in Ireland that encourages the ethical utilisation of animals for the promotion of improved physical, mental and social well-being of all people.

ELISTA Education aims to deliver quality programmes that aid the development of practical skills and competencies as well as fulfilling learners desire for knowledge and understanding in the subject areas. It is hoped that subsequently qualified individuals will go forward in establishing and developing the sector of animal assistance and therapy through their own programmes and Enhance Lives in Irish Society Through Animals (ELISTA).


ELISTA Education is a private provider with programmes available for all who have interest in furthering knowledge and skill in the area of animals, particularly animals and their assisting abilities and therapeutic roles in society. Initially applicants are encouraged to participate in an accredited foundation course as a step towards a much more specialised niche programme. Accredited Foundation Courses are:

  • Canine Behaviour & Training
  • Animal Welfare

Advanced programmes are:

  • Assistance Dog Training
  • Canine Training & Instructing
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning (now including Equine, Handling, Husbandry & Instruction)
  • Animal Rehabilitation

Background and Context

ELISTA Education developed from the personal and professional lives of Operations Director and initial supporting team. There are currently no other such courses in Animal Assistance and Therapy Training available in Ireland and very few globally.

Assistance and therapy from animals occurs on a daily basis both passively and actively in our society, but we believe that until there are qualified providers and practitioners whom aid the utilisation of animals in this way, the public will struggle to really embrace the benefits, and recognise the power of animals to assist and provide therapy.

We believe that interactions with animals based upon kind, fair and ethical treatment are important for all in our society, and the knowledge and skill to integrate the two is invaluable.