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ELISTA Education, as described in our aims and objectives and outlined in Quality Assurance Policies wishes only to provide a quality, valuable service for all Learners. In order to do this, ELISTA Education, just like all other responsible education providers, has both internal policies and procedures, as well as external accreditation to monitor and ensure high standards in programme delivery, student support and progression opportunities are always met.

Internal Verification & Quality Assurance

ELISTA Education employs various procedures to ensure fairness, consistency and quality to Learners. These are summarised in ELISTA Education Policies and Procedures.

External Authentication and Accreditation

To ensure that ELISTA Education always conducts itself in line with Quality Assurance Policies, and also to allow Learners to feel confident that they are receiving the very best Education they possibly can, ELISTA Education is 'Externally Accredited' (sometimes referred to as certified). This means an external official body, board or council monitors and reviews the work of ELISTA Education. Accrediting bodies have very specific requirements that have to be met, therefore Quality Assurance Documents, by which a programme provider (such as ELISTA Education) conducts themselves are usually based upon these.

Programme providers have to prove that they meet the specific requirements by providing evidence, initially and then typically every year (sometimes more often) to their accrediting body. Only when initial or annual authentication processes are complete will accrediting bodies issue certification for Learners and provide or renew accreditation of the organisation.

Accrediting Bodies may be involved in the following:

  • Approving or Validating a specific programme
  • Monitoring Standard and Content of Programme Delivery
  • Monitoring Quality of overall Service
  • Verifying and Authenticating Student Assessment
  • Supporting Learners and Programme Providers

ELISTA Education is pleased to confirm external accreditation for all our foundation courses.

The accrediting bodies that officially oversee course quality and certify Learners are as follows:
Canine Behaviour & Training- International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP)
Equine Handling, Husbandry & Instruction- International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP)
Human-Animal Interactions- Institute for Animal Care Education (I.A.C.E)
Animal Welfare- Institute for Animal Care Education (I.A.C.E)

Details of ISAP can be found at www.is-ap.org
Details of IACE can be found at www.iace.org.uk

Both organisations are based in the UK, there are no such similar accrediting bodies in Ireland. ELISTA Education is very proud to have course accreditations from subject specific organisations (i.e organisations that are purely concerned with animal related education), yet recognises that National Accreditation is also important to allow for course transfer, progression and recognition of prior learning, as well as funding for learners. For this reason ELISTA Education did make an application with the National Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) for accreditation.

The ELISTA Education FETAC accreditation application was made in January of 2011. The process of assessing for accreditation is lengthy, and unfortunately for ELISTA Education our application was being processed at a time of merger for FETAC and its replacement with QQAI. Our application, along with all other organisations applications being processed at the time were put on hold. Re-application for QQAI accreditation is something ELISTA Education is considering and evaluating.

In addition to all foundation courses being accredited as above, advanced progression courses are also accredited as follows:

Animal Assisted Therapy- I.A.C.E
Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning- I.A.C.E
Assistance Dog Training- I.A.C.E
Canine Training and Instructing- ISAP
Animal Rehabilitation- I.A.C.E