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As an advanced progression course, participants of the Canine Training and Instructing course must have completed a relevant course with a reasonable level of practical skills and complementing theoretical knowledge in positive reinforcement based dog training. As an advanced ‘combined’ course, the programme encompasses the core requirements in knowledge of the ELISTA Education Canine Behaviour and Training Foundation Course.

Course Overview:

The Canine Training & Instructing Course allows Learners to advance their knowledge in dog learning and training, and to develop and rehearse skills in the art of instruction. The course prepares Learners for instructing pet dog training classes for the public.

This course is accredited by the International Society for Animal Professionals and run in association with Compass Education Ltd.

Course Content:

The course covers the following:

  • Canine Behaviour and Training Review (home study for advanced combined participants)
  • Canine Communication
  • Causes of Behaviour
  • Behaviours and Problems and Solutions
  • Application of Theory in Training and Problem Prevention
  • Canine Assessment & Training (Practical)
  • Instructing Dog Training Classes (Practical)

Course Delivery:

The course is delivered primarily as a home study course, with four days of practical training and a further two days for student instructing assessment. Assessments are continuous written, and practical that involves training a rescue dog and instructing a dog training class. Course commences with the first of five home study modules the week of 5th October 2020. Practical dates are: 11th-14th March 2021 and 29th-30th July 2021.

Course Fee:

Total course fee for ELISTA Education Canine Behaviour and Training graduates making progression within 2 years is €500 (no early bird discount applicable). For applicants who wish to register for the course having completed an equivalent course the fee is €900 (€750 with ‘early bird’ offer for applicants registering before 1st June 2020).


There are 12 places available on the Canine Training and Instructing Course.

Applicants should complete the MAP20 Application Form before 1st June 2020 to receive ‘early bird’ registration fee discount or otherwise before 31st July 2020. Applicants who have completed an equivalent course, (for example the QQI/FETAC Level 6 Canine Obedience Training Course) with a different provider, should fill out all sections (including section C) on the MAP20 Application Form available to download below.

Although this course covers common problem behaviours, the course is not long enough in duration, nor detailed enough to significantly warrant responsible and professional canine behaviour consultation purely from it. Further study is strongly advised for such a specialised field.


Canine Training & Instructing Course Registration Form

(Canine Training & Instructing Course Registration Form PDF Download, 295kb)