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The Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning course is an advanced combined course offered by ELISTA Education, now encompassing core content of the previous foundation Equine Handling, Husbandry & Instruction Course.

It is strongly recommended that applicants of this course have SOME horse experience. Applicants may range from equestrian centre volunteers to owners, to physio or occupational therapists that have, or do horse ride, as well as similar professionals. All applicants are welcomed, although it should be advised that the programme is quite intense in study content, particularly for applicants who have not previously studied at a level 6 or equivalent on the national framework.

IMPORTANT: ELISTA Education only promotes positive interactions between animals and people, we believe in the ethical treatment of animals for the benefit of humans. As a human training organisation we do not promote the use of harsh, abusive methods in animal handling and training.

Course Overview:

As an advanced combined course, the Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning course allows for in depth exploration into, and research on, the effects horses can have on people. It particularly it examines how physical, psychological, therapeutic and educational improvements can be made through structured and carefully delivered Equine programmes. It also ensures participants can safely and effectively handle horses, carry out routine husbandry tasks in an ethical way and have key instructor skills so to progress to be an effective Equine Assisted Therapy Facilitator.

This course is accredited by the Institute of Animal Care Education.

Course Content:

The course is divided into eight modules of study, practical skills and competencies are incorporated and rehearsed and assessed during eight practical training days.

The course covers the following:

  • Horse History, Husbandry and Health
  • Horse Behaviour and Responsible ownership
  • Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning; opportunities for and principles of.
  • The Horse, the Client and the Environment
  • Ability and Disability Awareness
  • Horses and Humans; the physical and non-physical connections
  • Being an Equine Assisted Therapy or Learning Facilitator
  • EAT as a business; making programme proposals

Course Delivery:

The course is delivered primarily as a home study course, with 3 workshop style weekends and an assessment day/weekend. Assessments are continuous written and practical.

Practical Training dates are; Friday 20th to Saturday 21st November 2020, Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st February, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May and Thursday 22nd OR Friday 23rd 2021 Training is based at the ELISTA centre near Abbeyleix Co. Laois.

Course commences with first delivery of home study material the week of the 5th October 2020.

Course Fee:

Total course fee for applicants who wish to register for the advanced combined course in Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning having completed no previous training with ELISTA Education, is €900 (€750 with ‘early bird’ offer for applicants registering before 1st June 2020).


There are 12 places available on the Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Course.


Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning Course Registration Form

(Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Course Registration Form PDF Download, 296kb)