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Course Overview: (See also Course Outline, 117kb, pdf)

This course is written and prepared to give Learners the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills in Pet Dog Training. This is considered a foundation course, providing a base line for progression into the more specialised area of Assistance Dog Training, Canine Training and Instructing (both offered by ELISTA Education) or other specialised Dog Training. The course introduces the area of Problem Behaviour, but it is not specifically designed for the specialised area of Canine Behavioural Consultation, further study and progression would be necessary.

IMPORTANT: ELISTA Education only promotes positive interactions between animals and people, therefore all training methods used in the Canine Behaviour & Training course are based upon positive reinforcement training techniques. Other methods will be discussed and evaluated, but use of harsh unethical methods will not be tolerated.

Who is this course for?

The Canine Behaviour & Training Course is for anyone that has an interest in Dog Training. Whether you are interested to learn more about your own dog’s behaviour and improve your training or whether you are looking further towards a potential career in a Dog Training sector this course is for you!
We do advise the following criteria:

  • You have some practical experience with dogs (own or have owned a dog)
  • You can commit to approximately 80 hours of tutored study and practical skills development (see below for delivery methods)
  • You have additional time available to read subject specific literature and prepare an assignment for assessment
  • You have a dog that you can work with for practical Dog Training Assessment

* ELISTA Education is an equal opportunity provider and provides Foundation Courses without exclusion. Applicants should be aware that this course is delivered at an equivalent to ‘Level 6’ on the National Qualifications Framework (www.nfq.ie), as the Irish Leaving Certificate is at ‘Level 4 and 5’, we do advise at least this level of academic ability. Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries in relation to this.

What does the Course Cover?

The course is designed to give you a broad understanding of our Domestic Dog; their domestication, breed varieties, methods of communication, ways of learning and potential behavioural issues as well as exploring training history, training terminology, equipment, developing training skills and investigating specific training methods used in dog training organisations. (Course Outline, 117kb, pdf)

What are the Course Assessments?

Learners on the Canine Behaviour & Training course have to complete various assessments including practical demonstration of training abilities (own dog required), written and oral assessment.

This is an accredited course (see accreditation details).

Programme Delivery & Delivery Locations

"EARLY BIRD" OFFER! Register for a course before 31st May 2018 and pay discount fee of €625 euro (€125 deposit required with registration). Standard price resumes June. Balance payable in two further instalments.

Delivery Method   Course Dates   Course Location
Semi Intensive
  4 Theory Training days (15th-16th, 23rd-24th April 2019), 4 Practical Training Days (Sat 25th- Sun 26th May, 6th July and 20th July 2019).   The ELISTA centre (nr. Abbeyleix Co. Laois).
Saturday Course
  Commencing Saturday 13th October 2018, Running 2nd Saturday of every month, 8 sessions.   The ELISTA centre (nr. Abbeyleix Co. Laois).
Home Study Course

Commencing week of 1st October 2018. 4 modules studied at home. Practical training dates: Sat 25th- Sun 26th May, 6th July and 20th July 2019.

  Study @ Home Practical Training @ The ELISTA centre nr. Abbeyleix Co. Laois).

Course Fee

The total course fee for the Canine Behaviour & Training Course is €750 (see also offer above), this includes ELISTA Education Student pack & full certification. (Please see "What do I get for my Fees?")


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